About us

Portada quienes somos


We are a company specialized in designing, making and selling products related with baby strollers and other accessories: covers, foot muffs, canopies, bibs, blankets, bags, among others, with the highest standards of quality and exclusivity.

All our products are designed to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, supported by a qualified team, respecting the environment and ensuring the profitability, participation and recognition in the market.

Currently, Paseos de bebé has a distribution network and Sales point in different countries such as Mexico, Miami, Panamá, Portugal, Qatar and Singapore.


Being a benchmark company, leader in the distribution of exclusive products related with babies, in constant growth, increasing its international presence, characterised by providing a quality both in the products and in our excellent customers service.


Paseos de Bebé is a benchmark company in the market for the commitment to our own values:

  • A passion for quality and fashion is our responsible commitment that we have in all design and production processes to make the best accessories for a baby ride.
  • Communication with our customers is based on transparency, proximity and fluidity, understanding their needs and offering a fully personalised advice.
  • Flexibility and professionalismthat means speed and responsiveness making our products.
  • We work as a team promoting creativity and collective talent.
  • The manufacture of our products is made respecting the environment. For that reason, we work closely with other companies that also respect this principle.