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Do you wanna dress your baby stroller?

Together will take a magical ride through the world of design

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How to place your order

  • You can contact us through the telephone or by email.

  • We need to know which is exactly the stroller model.

  • Being a customized product, the price will vary depending on the clothing and the finishes. We have a detailed price list of every article that we will send through email.

  • In our gallery you will find many cover models that can provide you a source of inspiration. In the clothing section there is a wide range of different fabrics and prints where you can choose the ones yo like. On our side, we will help you to solve your doubts regarding the design and the finishes. We believe that is a priority to maintain a smooth communication in order to help you choosing your cover design.

  • For the order confirmation you should answer our email chain including the personal details: name, ID number, address and personal number, so we can send you the order and issue the invoice.
  • The shipping costs will vary depending on the purchasing volume, ranging between 6€ and 15€ in Spain and the Balearic Islands. For shipping to other countries please check availability.

  • The payment is made in advance by bank transfer or through paypal.

  • The usual delivery time is between 15 and 20 business days from the payment.

  • Our team will always be at your disposal for any doubts or suggestions.


    Paseos de Bebé España (Central)

    (+34) 935 944 630 / 673 313 153 info@paseosdebebe.com

    Paseos de Bebé Portugal

    (+351) 916 508 766


    Paseos de Bebé Qatar

    (+974) 66 472 697 / 33 411 859


    Paseos de Bebé Singapore

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